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A hiring machine built by Googlers

Search for candidates already interviewed by former Google engineers.

Starting at just $500/hire

Clarity and Precision

We go out of our way to only hire interviewers who passed the Google bar and were trained in the most rigorous talent vetting process in history. 

Clients are always stunned by the ease of picking final round candidates from our high quality interviews alone.

Interview First Recruiting

Olympia’s founder was the Leadership Recruiter for the Google Search Algorithm. He realized that recruiting at Google wasn't actually driven by recruiters. It was the high quality, modular interviews that allowed managers to pick the candidates they wanted. Candidates and managers didn’t need a recruiter sales pitch when everyone could be fairly judged for their ability.

A Revolution in Hiring

How it Works

Source Candidates

You can search thousands of pre-interviewed candidates in North and South America or wait for us to match the best fits.


We also run custom searches for our clients (free of charge) to keep new candidates coming in.

Fast Time to Hire

Hire in just 2 weeks. Our rigorous and consistent interviews dramatically reduce the number of total interviews you need to conduct. 


Hire a candidate for as little as $500. You should expect to save $5,000-$10,000 in operational costs thanks to the pipeline we deliver. 

Most importantly, our speed of hiring and location flexibility means you don't have to get into offer wars for the best candidates.

Live Demo

Olympia saves us weeks of interviewing candidates. The quality of the candidate pipeline has made building an international team drastically easier than before. I'll never go back to the old way of recruiting.

Matthew DesEnfants | Head of Engineering at Ambassador Software

We used to do 50 interviews per role yet our hires often didn't work out. Olympia got us to 6 interviews per role and their engineers submit production code in their first week.

Mark Steffler | CFO at I2H Software


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