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A hiring machine built by Googlers

Interview only top performers, pre-screened by Olympia.

GenAI, Backend, Frontend, Security, IT & AE

A hiring machine built by Googlers

Interview only top performers, pre-screened by Olympia.

GenAI, Backend, Frontend, Security, IT & AE

Clarity and Precision

We go out of our way to only hire trained interviewers who pass the Google bar and are trained in the most rigorous talent vetting process in history. 

Internal Recruiters and Hiring Managers are always stunned by the ease of picking final round candidates from our high quality interviews alone.

Interview First Recruiting

Olympia was founded by senior AI recruiters and engineers from Google and Meta Research. Our engineers do tech interviews similar to the ones we conducted in Google. 

We then introduce only the best interview packets to a your internal talent team so recruiters and HMs can focus their attention on a small number of high value candidates.

A Revolution in Hiring

How it Works

Source Candidates

Olympia has a constant pipeline of candidates being interviewed. If you need more specific skills, we can run a specialized search.

Scale sourcing up or down as quickly as you'd like. Olympia introduces top scoring candidates within 5 days. They're already interested in your job, salary range and location. Technical interview packets are included for proof of quality.

Faster Hiring with Better Quality

Hire in just 2 weeks. Our rigorous interviews reduce the number of total candidates interviewed from around 20 to only 3 on average.

Recruiters don't need to do any sourcing or coordination. Talent Managers can focus on strategic recruiting work like candidate experience, managing high quality final rounds and closing your top pick.

Affordable Headcount Budget

You can hire directly or employ candidates through Olympia. We help companies mix their teams with local, in-office hires along with mid-cost countries. 

Discover New Talent Abroad: Olympia see best results when clients hire some employees in the US while finding undiscovered talent abroad. Not everyone could get an H1B, yet we frequently discover talent that would have passed the Google bar if they were in the US. Comp ranges from around $40k-$70k for these amazing candidates in LATAM and Eastern Europe.

Olympia saves us weeks of interviewing candidates. The quality of the candidate pipeline has made building an international team drastically easier than before. I'll never go back to the old way of recruiting.

Matthew DesEnfants | Head of Engineering at Ambassador Software

We used to do 50 interviews per role yet our hires often didn't work out. Olympia got us to 6 interviews per role and their engineers submit production code in their first week.

Mark Steffler | CFO at I2H Software


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